2013年12月17日 星期二

2013年11月26日 星期二

102年台中市12年國民基本教育精進國民中小學教學品質 分區E組 到校輔導(霧峰國中)


為了配合教育部英語教學政策指示,落實九年一貫課綱英語科基本理念,提升臺中市各國中英語教學成效,特由本團協助辦理本次活動「國中英語口說評量研習」,邀請中央團莊惠如輔導員講解基隆市國民教育輔導團國中英語領域小組專題研究報告「基隆市國中英語口說評量之模組探究A Research on Six Models of English Oral Exam in Junior High Schools in Keelung」,提供諸多適用於平時口說評量的隨堂評量,也分享適用於定期考的隨堂式和集中式的方案供各校參考,並提供實作範例與疑難問答。

請老師連結至以下網址下載相關資源以供參考:  https://sites.google.com/a/tc.edu.tw/tai-zhong-shi-guo-jiao-fu-dao-tuan-guo-zhong-ying-yu-ling-yu/home/guo-zhong-ying-yu-kou-shuo-ping-liang

2013年9月28日 星期六

第2053期「領導人員培育班」研習- 摘要與心得

Some important educational policies were introduced, such as previous endeavors and measures put into helping creating normalization of a healthier teaching environment. As a member of the Advisory group, of course I would focus more on how to beef up teaching and assessment, which include Effective Teaching, Differentiated Instruction, Cooperative Group Learning and Alternative Assessment. These courses are considered as the key to the success of the educational reform, so workshops with regard to these topics will continued to be held to promote tried and trusted approaches to in-service teachers, hoping our students can benefit form those changes in teaching and assessment.

2013年9月10日 星期二

Cooperative Group Learning

This teaching log is created to keep track of all the workshops, lesson plans, teaching activities and reflections of the project, "Cooperative Group Learning", which is a mandatory program coordinated by the MOE. I was assigned by my school to take on this challenge, but on top of that, I would really love to grab this chance and revolutionize my ways of teaching. Anyway, as I gain more knowledge and skills regarding this topic along the way, this page will be beefed up as well. 

102年度 英語輔導小組領域召集人會議暨發展英語主動學習之教學策略研習

l   To start today's conference, some teachers offered their opinions, and some questions were responded by 陳進卿校長 and 課程督學 阮志偉校長.
n   神圳國中 仲維華老師
1.          關於英語教學分級的可行性?
: 可依學校規定辦理或採分組學習進行。
2.          各項語文活動或競賽應搭配完整計畫以減輕老師的負擔。
n   大業國中 曾怡惠老師
1.          請問補教教學應如何實施?
: 可結合生活技能或有進步就好
2.          課室觀摩是否占用太多課餘時間?
: 目前採自由參加,雖然校務評鑑會抽1/3觀課,但原意是透過反省自己的教學現場並獲得成長。教師專業評鑑的重點在老師而校務評鑑則是在學生。
n   崇倫國中 朱子昀老師
1.          補救教學為何只針對主科?
: 他科沒有檢測標準。
2.          會考成績會公布嗎?
: 校務評鑑結果會公布,但會考成績則未知。
3.          正常化教學與配課的衝突性?
: 為配合基本教學節數,不管哪科老師都會遇到這種問題。另外,偏遠學校可採共聘老師。
n   三光國中 陳珮宜老師
1.        國小有補教教學嗎?

2013年9月4日 星期三



Mr. Simon Stopps


2013年8月25日 星期日

102年度勤耕發表_多元智能理論應用在英語教學上之研究 --- 以「地球日」主題為例

多元智能理論應用在英語教學上之研究 ---


2013年5月30日 星期四


The English Advisory Group of Taichung City and some officials of the Education Bureau went to Heping District to hold a workshop and listen to the needs of English teachers of both schools, Li Shan Junior High and Elementary School and Ping Deng Elementary School.

2013年5月28日 星期二


Taichung City holds Readers’ Theater Competition and English Singing Contest on a regular basis, so it’ll be helpful to know how other schools prepare their students for those activities. Clear instructions and procedures were introduced so that you can reflect on their strengths and come up with your own strategies when being asked to coach for your school.

2013年5月21日 星期二


Remedial Teaching is considered one of the prerequisites for the Twelve-Year Compulsory Education, requiring every in-service teacher to get related training by the Ministry of Education. The main idea is to ensure that no child is left behind while the quality of education can still be maintained at the same time. To achieve this goal, every teacher has to acquire the knowledge and skills with regard to identifying the characteristics of low achievers and developing teaching strategies accordingly.

2013年4月30日 星期二


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The purpose of the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students, or CAP (國中教育會考) is to strike a balance of maintaining quality and reducing pressure, while students’ competitiveness and the quality of education can also keep going and improving at the same time. The test result is going to be categorized into three different levels, with each containing specific description, or rubrics.

2013年4月23日 星期二


Seventy teachers or so in TA CHIA Township and its vicinity got together today to share some of the finest teaching strategies and practices together, along with a few important policies regarding to workshops which all teachers are required to attend for the upcoming Twelve-Year Compulsory Education. On behalf of the Advisory Group and all the participants today, I would really like to appreciate all the staff in for providing such wonderful venue.

2013年3月26日 星期二


A variety of different topics were presented today, including interesting warm-up activities, holiday worksheets, cooperative learning strategies, supplementary vocabulary and English speech contest. With well-prepared and organized presentations, participants of the workshop gave positive feedback to the presenters, expressing the idea that we teachers need to keep on working on innovative ideas and techniques to keep our students motivated beyond mundane textbooks.

2013年2月28日 星期四

2013年2月26日 星期二


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 Effective Teaching has been billed as one of keys to the success of The Twelve-Year-Compulsory Education, which is also considered by many the major educational overhaul in the history of Taiwan. The main idea is that teachers can employ a variety of creative and suitable techniques to suit the needs of learners with different learning styles. Therefore, it was our honor today to invite Pro.廖美玲 from the Department of English of National Taichung University to share some of her insightful ideas on this very important topic.

2013年1月10日 星期四

Final Project and Feedback

Final Project (W9)
by Richard Guozhen Li on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 11:48am ·
Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web
Project Report

Name:   Richard G. Li                                                       Country:  Taiwan                 

I. Background 

  • Who are the learners?
There are about thirty eighth graders participating in this class as their extra curricular activity, and they come from different classes with mixed English levels. Before signing up for this class, they are supposed to read the terms of application that they are highly motivated to learn English and have at least an intermediate level of English listening comprehension. This class is conducted only ONCE a week, so they should have plenty of time to prepare for the tasks.

Building Teaching Skills Through The Interactive Web

As a member of the English Advisory Group here in Taiwan, I am usually required to do presentations about innovative teaching at workshops for teachers from junior high schools. That’s why I have to constantly expose myself to original ideas and put them into practice in my class before I can share them with other teachers.  I’m also the one who officially blogs for the city government about all the important events regarding English teaching in Taichung City, which is the third largest city in Taiwan (http://eng-j.guidance.tc.edu.tw/). Therefore, not only I’m highly motivated to polish myself in teaching but I have the influence to promote what I have learned from this course to many English teachers in Taichung.