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109學年度-臺中市語文領域 國中英語輔導團 團員


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豐陽國中 蔡瑞昌 校長


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光明國中 李國禎 老師


漢口國中 陳敬容 老師


大道國中 曾靜榕 老師


大雅國中 羅峻豐 老師

歷任 輔導團 輔導員


[3-1-1]105/12/27 客製化到校服務-- 東新國中觀課、公開課、議課

(For your reference, please go here: 授課 ppt  教案設計 Lesson Plan)

東新國中FB:   https://www.facebook.com/tsihs.tc/?fref=ts

            東新國中英語領域與召集人在日前補救教學研習中收穫滿滿,也發覺當時講師 曾靜榕老師的教學方式很適合該校學生,該校教師群希望能向靜榕老師交流請益,因此力邀到校入班授課,這次的機會落實真正客製化到校服務。靜榕老師除了發揮幽默風趣的個人特質以拉近學生距離外,也運用了記憶術,像是大人小孩都耳熟能詳的哆啦A夢主題曲,不僅吸引學生注意力,也在輕鬆的氣氛中達到有效學習。
          On December 27, Ms. Tseng(曾靜榕老師) stepped into Class 703 to demonstrate how to assist students to learn English in different ways. At first, she reviewed the sentence pattern"What day is it? It is ______." which students had acquired in the very first beginning of this semester. Then, she substituted the same pattern with "What time is it? It is _________."to have students practice how to tell the time in English. In this class, some tips to remember the specific prepositions like "on'' or "at"  that most students would easily make errors are highly recommended to English teachers, such as  alphabetic images and familiar chants. 

公開課實況:   https://goo.gl/dFVGg5


[3-1-3] 105/12/20 有效教學研習- 玩翻教科書

(For all your referrence, please go to: https://goo.gl/cJXMtg)

         As an English teacher in Pingtung, just like some of us, Mr. Huang(黃文安老師) as well has some students who deeply need to be guided and to be motivated from school teachers in learning. Therefore, he has designed a bunch of worksheets and activities for students with different learning abilities. Through differentiated instruction and keeping students busy in class, he successfully involves students into listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Besides, with multiple assessment, he monitors students' learning process and builds up a learning-friendly environment for them.   


[2-2-2, 2-2-3] 105/12/13 萬和國中客製化到校服務

Sherry Chen (陳昭伶老師) brought a bunch of homemade boards games for English teachers in Wan He junior high school. With board games, Sherry not only made English class fun but had students practice what they had learned in class. Besides sharing which board games can be played, Sherry also showed teachers how to make board games and how to play them. 萬和國中的老師們實際體會一個緊接著一個的桌遊遊戲,昭伶老師不僅分享了遊戲設計的理念、實施的步驟,以及平常學生們可能的反應等,萬和的老師們欲罷不能,受益匪淺,紛紛表示希望能再次交流的機會!萬和國中杜媛媛老師也分享了國際教育課程的設計與實施歷程,萬和國中申請三位AISEC國際志工、設計各種活動課程,國際教育的實施沒有課表、沒有教科書,著重在不同文化的理解和溝通及嘗試融入在地獨有的因素,在在顯示出媛媛老師對於國際教育的特有熱誠值得推廣給其他老師們。


[2-2-2] Skype Exchange, Picture Book and Mind Mapping, and Board Game

I hadn't been a homeroom teacher for three years when I took on the position as full-time advisor of the English Advisory Group, and I found this job was quite demanding but also rewarding. I tried some interesting activities in this class that I used to think they were only for more advanced learners. However, my NORMAL students have already proved they can be as motivated and willing to learn to USE English as their gifted counterparts.

1. Skype Exchange with A Japanese English teacher


[2-1-2] 105/12/06 提升英語口說能力教學策略工作坊

~Fun with English: 提升學生英語口說能力的教學活動~


[3-1-1]輔導員公開課 Teaching Demonstration Filming Project of NCUE: Superlatives and Simple Past

It's been the second time to work with The College of Extension Education of National Changhua University of Education, NCUE, on this filming project for my third and fourth English teaching videos. The main idea is that English teachers can learn and benefit from the videos of this project online as part of the in-service training program of the Ministry of Education. These two dedicated videos of "Superlatives" and "Simple Past" were demonstrated with a variety of activities based on the principles of Task Based Learning, which emphasizing the meaningful application of the language in a context.